"remember b4 voting"

now here's a real humourous post from the Yahoo! Singapore Message Boards, the link of which has been graciously provided to me by "MinistryofVain" from the forums.

remember b4 voting
by: peterstone71
Posted on: 20/02/05 00:41
Msg #1

[1] Remember how you become bankrupt
[2] Remember how your elect was disconnected
[3] Remember how much u have paid for summons
[4] Remember how much interest you are paying
[5] Remember who bring FT to snatch ur job
[6] Remember increase in cigarettes
[7] Remember increase in transport
[8] Remember increase in SC charges
[9] Remember ERP, and those traps
[10] Remember u being forced to use giro
[11] Remember your house next time need cashcard
[12] Remember how singtel disconnect ur phones
[13] Remember how much our PM is being paid
[14] Remember how much u r paid
[15] Remember how much a flat cost
[16] Remember how much a car cost
[17] Remember bank deduct $2 for $500 below
[18] Remember the free speech
[19] Remember Dr Chee Soon Juan
[20] Remember Jamine
[21] Remember you work like slave
[22] Remember where ur money go to
[23] Remember u r foced up to the grave
[24] Remember no peaceful riot is allowed
[25] Remember Francis Yeo
[26] Remember Teng liang Hong
[27] Remember those lawyer letters

Remember to vote wisely!

die die in singapore with lots of regrets

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2 HaHaas:

Anonymous Anonymous HaHaa-ed:

Very true!!!!!

I cant believe in our pigs system.

Die die die

Wednesday, February 23, 2005 2:51:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous HaHaa-ed:

Sinkapore really have no freedom of speech. They can inform your ISP to stop you from posting message to singapore yahoo msg board. Fuck!

This is really shit.

There is another one which "Remember tis b4 defending spore"

Die die in singapore with lots of regrets

Wednesday, March 02, 2005 3:30:00 AM  

Give Me a HaHaa!!!

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