the internet is full of losers - but come let's meet the worst one of them all, "geniuslys" from hardwarezone

so, really, what's new?

You try to speak up for the greater good of the commmunity (what is with this constant incessant spreading of stupid ~fear~ in the internet forums??? oh everytime somebody pipes up with some kind of a "daring" remark, 2 or more idiots will only be all too happy to chime in, and "contribute" to the conversation and greater good of the Singaporean population with their stupid remarks, always along the lines of "be careful! Big Brother is watching!" "watch out for the ISD", and other assorted stuff like that. Seriously, what is with these FUD-ding people??? Do they live on some kind of a "fear high" or something??? Or are they just simply fear-mongers, and the minion whores of the old dog man ("aow, aow"), funded by a salary which draws its own lifeblood from the blood, toil, and sweat of the common people??? Or even if it is to be believed (as "geniuslys" so claims) that they should just be doing it for the sake of being sarcastic (so-called "sarcastic"), then may i remind them really, what is the point of all this nonsense??? Mere childishness??? Only mere children seek to do something without considering the broader implications of their childish acts. Suuure - seek to perpetuate this culture of fear in the hearts of ur fellow Singaporeans!!! Like this is going to do your fellow Singaporeans the most good like that... Grow up lah!!!! (or at least, beware the retribution - somebody up there will strike u dead someday.)

Well i've got news for u, people!!! X'Ho [among others] is still very much alive and kicking.)


So as i was saying - you try to speak up for the greater good, ... get into an argument with some fool who (a) cant argue for nuts, ... (b) cant communicate in English for nuts (God knows if he has a nut given his cowardly and childish behaviour, but anyway!) (c) behaves just like some fucking... loser/idiot/childish twit (d) prances around like anybody cares... ("watch me change my posts! watch me change my posts!") Really, the list goes on.

And so now he has sought to execute his "wrath" upon me1, by visiting this blog, and leaving me comments like "eh jeff u really loser leh.sighz", and "loser u r" (both of these, at ungodly times in the morning [4:41am, and 5:31am]). Reaally. You had to expect such childish behaviour from him. And so to display just how "non-loser-ish" he is, he comes in every now and then to leave these remarks of his. Really. I'd like to be able to let the world know just who the real loser is around here. So my blog makes me highly and easily identifiable and targettable??? Reeeaaaally.... My "high rank"2 site also gives me a global voice, twit.

So make me take down this webpage, fool.

**Note for the rest of my readers - i hope this post has been as entertaining and informative for u to read, as it has been for me to write.


1(just because he couldnt win me in "the great Internet battle")

2I love Yahoo!, - and Yahoo! loves me :)

2 HaHaas:

Blogger Patricea Chow HaHaa-ed:

It has been highly entertaining! Glad to know that the lowly cowards still exist as a comparison for the rest of us appear smarter.

On a side note, forums are a means for cowards to say what they want without fear of repurcussions. I mean, if you really believe in what you want to say, you shouldn't be afraid to put your name to your comments.

These people hide behind psuedonyms and anonymity because in real life, they wouldn't have the balls to take the same stand. They become the very 'yes-men' that they deride.

Monday, February 21, 2005 10:33:00 AM  
Blogger Jeff! Lim HaHaa-ed:

:) totally agree with u on that one, Patricea (it's always so nice to be able to get a comment from u). Only cowards and people with no balls will want to hide behind their pseudonyms, and behind their anonymity... And i can empathize more now with ur decision to only get comments from "named" people over on ur side!

Monday, February 21, 2005 7:24:00 PM  

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