for the love and joy of selfless service: let us vote our dear Singaporean Ministers into the Guinness Book of Records...

would anybody care to vote Singapore's Ministers in to the world-famous Guinness Book of Records#??? (*Note: if they are already in..., do let me know so that we can all sit back, be proud of it, and declare it to the whole wide (wired, and non-wired included) world. Given our penchant for topping everything in every single category..., how could we let this gooolden opportunity for making it into the records slip us by??? that would be so... wrong.... - so.... Uniquely UN-Singapore-an... For that matter..., does anybody know howww to contact the Guinness Book of Records.... - so that we can all help make this thing.. a reality???? Come on, man. Us uneducated and not-able-to-take-care-of-ourselves-and-so-must-
-with-the-money-that-we-have-accumulated Singaporeans need some help, man).

Come now, let us make a pact with the rest of the Singapore-ans. Let us declare - (to the world) - that Singapore is the BEST...

We are Siiing, ka, pore,
We are Siiing, ka, pore.
We will stannnd, too, gether...


[I forgot the words]

Let us do it behind their backs... Let us not let them know... This will then give them a royal surprise, fit for them. Come on, man. They've surely got to be sooo proud of their own service and capabilities, to be paying themselves that much. They are very adamant at defending their salaries in public - surely they must think that they warrant a place in the Guinness Book of Records for their servitude to Singapore as well. Suuurely there is no shame in this.... We would surely be doing Singapore a service - and we arent even getting PAID ministerial salarie$$$ (nor getting laid) for it!!! GRRR....

# on the topic of Ministerial salaries, Julie Rogers says (see last paragraph), "Lastly, I have also copied in Guniess World of Records to see if this unique feature of your country will earn it a place in the world record books."

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