our pappie* (male version of "nannie" - or "nanny") government actually gets a mention in a comedian's "routine" on SNL!!!

yup!!! that's right.. - the Singaporean Government actually gets a mention in a routine* done by Dennis Miller on SNL. Just saw it. On SNL today (technically yesterday - last night).

i'm actually not so sure that what he says is actually based on fact lah (i searched for it - but didnt seem to find anything; i might be inclined to think that it might be fake - but what with the nonsense the last time about that "sms peer pressure" thing... perhaps i shouldnt be surprised - u'll never know, so... Anybody got any updates on this? any clips [of the Dennis Miller act], any quotes...???).

The crux of the joke was basically that the Singaporean government (in fact, just the mere mention of the words "Singaporean government" was sufficient to get a laugh from Jay; do we really have that bad a reputation overseas??? jiiaa lat sia) has banned teenagers from having sex in the bus. How ridiculous.

But to prove that i have a sense of humour..., i'm not going to sue Dennis Miller for such defamatory remarks. ;) Even if i do, i should donate all of my proceeds to charity - to the Jeff! Lim charity (how's that for a good charitable cause, hah? at least then i'll have enough money to bring the judge out for a good lunch in order to thank him for being such a just judge.....).

* (admittedly not official - he does it in his seat - during the chat time, with Jay Leno - instead of standing up, with "official performance time" given to him. But... u know, it was still a routine after all)

** For those of u who are interested to hear the joke for urself.., u can tune in once again (in Singapore at least - i'll be giving out the Singaporean info here), to "The Tonight Show" on 16 October 2004 Saturday, on CNBC SCV channel 15, 1600 Singapore Time (GMT +8). The show tonight ("last night") should be repeated then and there.

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