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COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT: Thanks for Your Support!
Posted by Big Cock on Sunday, September 12, 2004

Local NewsHello, cocksters! We’d like to thank all those of you who’ve been sending us emails of support! We badly need it.

As stated in earlier notice, we’ve been hacked into twice oreddy and now it seems it’s not just us that’s taking some heat, judging by other rumours.

We really donno what’s going on, but if any other sites like us are experiencing sudden weird behaviour, feel free to drop us a line and share your info at It might help our forensic efforts to trace who was behind our two attacks or divine signs of a larger trend.

We’ve managed to recover almost all our articles, but we’ve lost many user comments, a chunk of our email bulletin list (so if you haven’t been getting our email bulletins, please re-register!) and we’ve even got a couple of strange bugs in the system now.

Recovery is expensive work, so if you can, tolong-tolong, please help us to continue our repair efforts by purchasing our Coxford Singlish Dictionary (available at all good bookstores or through or our TalkingCock SingingSong CD (for purchase details, click here) or simply make a donation via our Amazon tip box at

Thanks once again for your good wishes and help so far! We need it if we’re going to bring you more cock like our super-popular HANDOVER GAME!

Exercise free speech - support TalkingCock!

Editor in Chief

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