here's a new site to visit

here's a new site to visit that i stumbled upon - "Maddox"s site..., narcissistically entitled "The Best Page in the Universe" (i'll leave that to your judgement).

specific pages of mention (heck, not that i've checked them all out - i'm fucking lazy - more of that later): "I can draw better, spell better, and run faster than your kids" (*note: not his actual official page title - just mine), "Bill O'Reilly is a big blubbering <beep><beep>" (*WARNING: this page pAarticULarly Contains fuuucking "jee*-bye" EXPLICIT "kao-beh*" words. So u have been dastardly warned and pre-warned.)

1 - these romanizations of the local2 swear words sound more phoenetically correct to me than their 'standard' renderings

2 (*this means that they are used local-ly - and should not be taken to mean that they are by any means "Uniquely Singapore". So shut up, Malaysians [naaah - not that i have truly really received any complaints from them - they are truly Asian. and very polite to the core].)


ps. footnote: did i say that i am fucking lazy? oh yeah, i am. But i forget what about. Or more correctly, i am just too fucking lazy to mention what it is. I'll do an update on the Gone Fishing gig perhaps another time lah. Until then... u can always drop by for the next upcoming gig to just have a look and a listen...


more on Bill O'Reilly, focussing in on one particular interview that i saw (Jeremy Glick, vs Bill O'Reilly):
- from the horse's mouth - Bill1 (*just a short section of this write-up covers the Glick interview - but it is enough for u to make up ur own mind about what Bill thinks about, and wants to be known about Jeremy.)
- what some folks say happened on tv, with transcripts, and video clips available: link 1, 2, 3, 4 (search for "the infamous Glick interview").

1 For the comics - this page contains a link to a popup of a video clip of "Triumph (the Insult Comic Dog) vs Bill" as well

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