special feature focus on Gone Fishing Cafe, 15 Chu Lin Road Singapore

(note: pardon me if my notes are pretty scattered today. I have this fantastic auctioneer shouting in my ear tonight. As if i love auctions. Or mooncake festivals (see, i love mooncakes - that's why i struck out the word "mooncakes"; (my dislike) doesn't apply here. Let me tell you that living right next to a big grass patch (aka. "field") is not exactly "the best of blessings" in Singapore.)))

i know that this blog entry could have waited until tomorrow morning or something (after all... what could be so urgent about a blog entry??? but then again... some of u active bloggers (& writers) out there will probably disagree with me on that. And why not?), but.. i just felt that i had to write this down tonight. And yes, despite the noise in the background tonight (but i repeat myself).

See, i have been recently inspired by the case of this Fisher man who has opened up his cafe to me and my stand-up comedy buddy, Ben (of "team 13").

You see, this veery Friday (just two days away now), on the 1st of October, 2004, Ben and i will be doing our very own first stand-up comedy debut at the Gone Fishing cafe!!! (clap, clap, clap, pls).

It really is amazing, considering that this guy (Kenny) is gonna be closing down a major section of his small little cafe (but that is not to belittle him or his cafe ok - for his heart is of great proportions) just for us to do a little spot of comedy to whoever's gonna be there at his cafe on that evening.

Read more about Kenny's vision of his cafe here... - and here... - and here... (ok, so it's everywhere around the site (well, sort of), but oh, what the fuck. Not that we will do any fucking at the cafe, ok. But not that any activity at the cafe will not lead to eventual fucking either. After all, Kenny wishes his cafe to be a place where friends (and possibly lovers) can be made. And he's a real friendly guy (and i say this with the straightest of faces - and the straightest of meanings))

ps. ARGH. i will perhaps write more on this tomorrow. The shouting of the auctioneer, boosted by the electronic amplification device in his hand (*i learnt this manner of speaking from 'puksux' mentioned here - although i suspect that i am not above him or her in this respect) is just killing my concentration, and i'm afraid that i shall have to imbibe some more fluid in order to fuel my fuel-hungry cerebral cortex.

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