it is not good to owe yourself money!!!

you could get sued for it. Yes!!! our dear old government will sue you for it if you fail to top-up your own personal Medisave account [Business Times link; sorry - subscriber access only]. Technically..., it is your own money, but.. the government is managing it for you.. And so.. they are concerned for you.. and your money...

I mean, not paying yourself money is just downright rude, u know. It's ok if u owe other people money, but.. in this case... if you owe your Medisave account $$**money**$$.., the government will go after u... Owing yourself money is just a big NO-NO to our government here. I mean, what IF this guy u owed money to.. were to come running after u... - with forks and knifes and spoons??? we wouldn't want that happening now to us, would we?

Hawe u topped up ur own personal Medisave account today?

So Please - for a brighter future - do it. Just do it. For your own safety's sake.

-- update 28 Sep 2004 --

A message about this has just been posted to independent Yahoo newsgroup Sg_Review...

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