ok, this might be a bit laast-minute (i will now be officially referred to as the "Last-Minute Man!!!" (yes - with suitable `!!!' exclamation marks behind, and a suitably thunderous announcer's voice to boot whenever i present myself to the public eye donning my super-power-superhero-fantastic suit)), but...

i will be presenting a short 3-minute stAND-uP comedy for the upcoming Poetry Slam this coming... tomorrow. Date will be 29th of June, 2004 (Tuesday), at Zouk Velvet Underground, tickets at $10... (can get from the door)... and doors opening at 7:30pm. See u there!!!...

oh!!! and almost forgot - drinks are 1 for 1... meaning, you pay for 1... - u get 1. Now aint that bloody fair??? or what???

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