"other countries don't have highly paid ministers. ;)"

just because there is gas disruption from Indo, most part of sg got shut down!

Where is the gas buffer or reserve in power station? Look like we have to depend on Indo's fart for many years ahead. We never seem to learn from past Malaysia water saga.

(**see also straits times report here..., or here (when the first link goes down))

notable quotes from the newspaper article: (emphasis mine)

"... Recalled Singapore MRT spokesman Chin Yen Yen: 'The first thing I did when my house in Bukit Batok had a blackout was look out to see if our trains were still running, and they were! We have back-up power for our trains.' ..."

"... Some of those marooned in darkness at home, like Singapore Netball Association president Ivy Singh-Lim, 55, feared the worst.

She told The Straits Times from her Neo Tiew Road home: 'I tried calling the Neighbourhood Police Post on a 1800 number as well as 999, but all the lines were engaged.

'Actually, the police should have some kind of a backup to handle such emergencies.

'I can't believe this!' ..."

"... A cracking of the whip would suit the likes of an irate Madam Daisy Sum, who had to take a cold shower in candlelight in her Siglap home.

She said: 'Singapore is not a Third World country. We have every right to expect better.'
[to which i say: nooo, ur premise is alll wrong already lah, sister!!! It should, be 'Singapapore is ruled by competents (*definition of competent: being paid a high salary, because he/she, "fucking", "deserves it"). We have every right to expect better.']

But others made the best of the blackout: Student Annabelle Danker, 22, and her friends at Holland Village lit up the night with sparklers and glow sticks.

'We can't go home anyway, so we might as well have some fun,' she said."

(Social commentary): it seems some of us expect better - especially given the astronomical salaries that we all know our top civil servants are being paid - while others, try to make the best of the situation...

In other news, this comedian was caught sneaking in some time while at the office to send off an application to the Prime Ministah's office to apply for an MP-ship. Apparently, he was aiming for a job which pays well, but does not require him to think much - or answer much to just about anybody when things that he is supposed to be responsible for SiMPLY FUCK UP. He believes he has learnt the true meaning, and nuances, of true political corporate bullshit, and therefore considers himself worthy political (yes, i know that was an oxymoron, but...) material.

(*Luuckily, this writer was out looking for a muse last night - or else he would surely have cursed and swore together with the rest of the common people on the ground living in singapapnomore last night - WHOM I TOTALLY EMPATHIZE AND IDENTIFY WITH VOTE ME PLS.)

2 HaHaas:

Anonymous Anonymous HaHaa-ed:

Blackout or what, there's no back-out for us S'poreans. Because you know what esteemed ladies in the know say too, once you go BLACK, you never go BACK. Right, sex kittens and Samantha-to-bes? ;)

Once a S'porean, always a S'porean? Do we subscribe to that? If I do, does that make me proud to be a Sing-a-poor-really?-yearn?

If u can never take the convent out of the nun or the convent slut for that matter, can we ever hope to take the S'pore island out of the S'porean I-land-er? Not if the Potatoes-And-Poe-tah-toes can help it. It seems we are not made (read socially-engineered) to bail out even in a black-out. R U a stayer or a quitter? They asked, finger pointin and shaking profusely (the finger, that is). If we complain, does it say that we have lost faith? What cost faith to begin with? The cost of all our Great-ass-Shit-Tax we pay and in-coming tax for all our lives with Potatoes-And-Poe-tah-toes here in SPUD kingdom (look ma, no spit).

but I agree. A fuck-UP is a fuck-UP yes. Plain & simple & true. In true-blue S'porean style. With the embellished SHAZAM! emblem notwithstanding. (lightning bolt, for the non-comicbook fan)

so do we grin and glare at it? How to? In the dark, nothing can be glared at. Not even the Cheshire cat's grin. (You mean I was the only one who saw that?)

Alright, now that I've said my piece and my cock (I should say, peace. No, peas. Please.), I shall take my cock and my cod-piece away with me and pull away in fervent patriotic frustration with long-suffering-but-lingering strokes followed by the sleight of hand act of flicking away my post-decompressured snowy wonder to make and savour my very own au-naturel Snowball cock-tail of a con-cock-tion in Snow City alone... again... in this 'No Man Is An Island' dream of a lone Urbane Mundane life of an Islander.

Yours truly,

Thou Shalt Not Render Thy Country Black-(Even On Your Way)-out Of This God-forsaken Town (miniature dot of a citystate) For Good

whose good are we talking about here? Dun ask me. I guess its all good. What is one supposed to say in this case. The Fuck-all has happended alredi. No casualties involved to live to tell the tale. Save the housewives home alone without their husbands and with only their poodles n chihuahuas for relief.

Thursday, July 01, 2004 1:47:00 AM  
Blogger Jeff! Lim HaHaa-ed:

hi Anonymous! Wow!, that seems like a very emotional post there. Well, u know what? thanks for visiting, reading - and even posting all of that stuff up.

I certainly do appreciate what u have to say (which is a lot), but i'm not too sure how to reply to u. I think u must remember one thing about this place (and my humour) - i practically almost will - and can - take anything and everything for my comedic material. If i can, i'll jolly well post up a blog entry alll about it... - just to milk the humour and FUN all out of it for all it's worth - that's just me. And i enjoy self-denigratory humour as well. I figure, making "fun" of my own country (and situation) counts as well. heyyy, man!!! i say humour is a "survival strategy" as well... Dont u think so? I really love it. But at the end of the day, everybody knows (hell, for those who dont.. that's great!!! let's all just get a reaction from them!!! (i love reactions) Andy Kaufman style... - "they love me, they hate me, they walk out... it's all GREAT!") that i'm only just kidding only. Most of the time, anyway.

thank you (really) for dropping by - i would SOO love to hear from you again (really).

ps. i'm not on the way out (even though i did consider that some time ago). After thinking about it... - i still love this place (but not the current present ruling party). I am even considering doing some activism as well!!! "Comedy activism," that is... As i said (and do so now solemnly declare and say again) - i am a virgin. No wait - that's not right - i ~meant~ to say... "i want to make this place, a better place to live in - and develop a COMEDY CULTURE, here in Sink-apore"...

Greetings to "Supreme Cock," X'Ho, and all the rest who care to contribute, and create, and make a difference. This is 'enigma' here... i'm out.

Thursday, July 01, 2004 11:41:00 AM  

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