the secret to a good day's sleep...

You wake me up early in the morning to tell me I am right? Please wait until I am wrong.
- Johann von Neumann

I guess von Neumann (as he might be more commonly known or called) was a very confident man now, wasn't he? :) And judging from the list of his contributions, I'd say the man had reason to be... His contributions have spanned a vast range of fields. (Or perhaps that was the reason for this famous quote here - he was far more likely to get more disturbances from more people, due to the many varied fields that he was involved in? One can only imagine having to wake up in the morning to some silliness to say that you are right when you knew that all along...)

So yes, back to the topic. The secret to a good day's sleep? Make sure you are undisturbed in the morning!!! ;) Failing which, you should either ensure that everything is ok before you go to sleep, or go ahead and sleep with confidence..., or both... And it is true, after all - sleep is as much (if not more?) psychological as it is physical...

Other tips and tricks for a good day's sleep:
- make sure that you have no troubles to wake up to. If you know that you are going to wake up to something bad in the morning, try to make sure that the trouble will either be taken care of already before you sleep, or line things up in a row so that you will be as ready as you ever can be to tackle that trouble once you wake up.
- ensure that you will not have any sort of trivial disturbances from any sort of trivial matter! (see von Neumann's quote)
- sleep early, sleep well.. well, you know the rest!!! ;)

and last, but not least:

- make sure that you are truly worth the salary that you draw!!!! ;) (certain parminent members of society come to mind) That way, you will sleep better, and feel better, and wake up better as well. That is, if you're a normal human being. Some ex-tra-or-dinary human beings are just not like us, and deserve soo much more, innit? ;))) They deserve the whole world....

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