ALL-NEW, OMAROSA-FREE "The Celebrity Apprentice"! WOOHOO!!

sorry, but I just had to say it... :)

If you missed the last episode of "The Celebrity Apprentice" (this is episode 10, btw), you reeally should see it. I don't want to spoil it all for you (so I won't give out any spoilers here), but suffice it to say that you should watch it alll the way TO THE END... And check out the preview of the next episode as well (so don't just switch it off once you see her get into the car!!!! I said "all the way to the end", didn't I? ;)) - that will be interesting as well...

Enjoy yourself!!!! I know I certainly did.... And if you've been AVOIDING watching "The Celebrity Apprentice" because of this bitch.. KNOW THAT THE BITCH IS NOW GONE!!! It's time to break out the bottles, and have a party... ;P Party like the venom has been removed from your senses!!!!

For a moment there, I was thinking that the Donald would not be firing her for the loss, but Stevie instead - but as it turns out, YEAH, he eventually did do so, so HURRAH!....

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