"For Your Information" - Fight the Power: Art for Social Change Presents, "POLITICAL COMEDY"

Happened to surf into this while searching for stuff on google:

This is in the University of Maryland, MD USA, so too bad for us folks who live too far away, and won't be able to take the time out to fly down there personally to attend this!!! I just wish there was like a live cam or something - make the event and goings on viewable to the rest of the public as well...

Oh well!!!

The synopsis is as follows:

In recent years, political comedy has exploded into the public consciousness. From Jon Stewart and the Daily Show to the Colbert Report to Real Time with Bill Maher, more young people than ever are receiving their news, and perhaps their political outlook, from late night comedy. In this session we'll look at clips from those shows and discuss the impetus for their success and what it means for the future of politics, comedy, and youth involvement.

Open to the public - all are welcome to attend!!

More details about the event may be found here, but essentially, it's going to take place (YES!!! Literally "tomorrow"!!!!) on the 21st of February 2008, in UMD itself....

Sounds like a veery interesting event NOT to miss out on!!! Not just for comedians!! but for "society/community types" as well.... I just wish we had commentary/shows like that as well here - news/comedy like that is always among the funniest....

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