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selected quotes:
  So, how do you know that our economy is improving? Ah, you do not need an economist to crunch some industry numbers to know that growth is back. Ask any Singaporean how they know we are growing again and they will tell you, "Growth? Of course got growth lah! Everything also grow. Property tax grow, school fees grow, and conservancy fees also grow!"

  Fees in Singapore are psychic, as you all know. Even before the next quarter of growth is out, the charges we pay will already go up, in anticipation of the improvement of market sentiment.

  This is so that Singaporeans need not feel the inconvenience of having any change to their standard of living, like having extra money left in the pocket if they get their next raise.

  The minute the post-growth salary packet arrives, the bills with the increased charges will already reach the mail box. Such is the co-ordinated timing of our fee increases.

  Of course, we will be told that the charges have not been increased for a very long time or that in other countries, they charge much more.

  Well, we don't live in other countries, do we? And what will we get for our $2.50 extra? Cleaner dustbins? Shorter grass? Better selection of paint colours for repainting our blocks with instead of those awful pastels that look like they were chosen by a colour-blind contractor?

Mr Brown, hats off to you, man, for writing such stuff. Hats off...

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