hm... - this could prove interesting material for my stand-up. hm. (*)

by MrBeaver:
It is bizarre lately how contradictions happen almost immediately to every self-glorifying attempt by the establishment to paste gold on its face.

Straits Times - 9 July 2004

Centre to fight food-borne diseases
Testing services at $32m facility with 8 state-of-the-art labs are recognised in over 40 countries

CNA - 10 July 2004

Over 100 soldiers come down with food poisoning


CNA - 10 July Posted: 10 July 2004 1759 hrs

Always ready, always prepared -- this is the 20th anniversary of Total Defence.

CNA - 10 July Posted: 10 July 2004 1759 hrs

Fire breaks out at SCDF maintenance base in Serangoon


CNA - 07 July 2004 2119 hrs

AVA says poultry in Singapore safe to eat

CNA - 10 July 2004 2046 hrs

One foreign worker dies, 18 ill from food poisoning

After eating the meal of rice with chicken and mutton, they became unwell.

*Permission must be gotten, of course.

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