check this out!!! Zircon Gov. Pawn Starz's "Drop the Attitude, Dude" mtv @ (**remember to press that '>' "play" button...)

ffunneee... (especially the nice litle "killer" @ 0353!!! (but i wont spoil it for u. ;)) It just feels like a damn funny piece of "horsin' around" satire; you'll learn to appreciate it more once u understand the message that these guys are trying to put out with the song. I would post more about ZGPS - but time not permitting (i'm at work, actually), i'll probably have to do it another time then. Will try to explain more about the message of the song then.

tooo-der-loo!!! (and too-my-lunch (hey!!! it's 12:27 now) as well...)

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