fengshui: "Finances going swimmingly well"

this in p.14 of the Weekend edition of TODAY, June 26-27, 2004:

Finances going swimmingly well
A FISH tank in the hall or near the entrance of the home serves both as a pretty conversational centrepiece and sign of prosperity. "Fish" in Chinese has the same sound, yu, as "financial surplus" and is thus associated with money. Red and golden-scaled goldfish are the traditional choice, as red signifies luck and the golden scales denote a positive cash flow.
  Can't be bothered with maintaining a fish tank? Opt for a scroll painting of nine goldfish instead. The fish must be swimming in a lively pattern (symbolising active business) and there must be nine (for long-term).
  As any I-Ching (The Classic of Change) consultant will tell you, fish alone have nothing to do with wealth. It's the symbolism which creates mental association and subconscious drive, turning a wish into reality. -- Francis Chin

Ohh, so it's not the actual thing that's the "miracle," is it??? it's the belief in it, that's the miracle... Now suppose, juust suppose... that i keep a lot of p0rn around the house. Cos i believe p0rn "turns wishes into reality."

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