jeff! lim's weather forecast for today

decided to do something a little bit funny today, so sent this in an sms...:
jeff! lim's weather forecast for today: SHOWERS. Pls bring along an umbrella. And if u feel u live TOO BUSY an urban lifestyle, and would like to save some time..., pls bring along a bar of soap as well.. And proceed to SHOWER LUXURIOUSLY. This fantastic time-saver tip has been brought to u by LOSERS ANNOYNiMOUS. And yours truly. Stay tuned, next time, for another episode of ... FLASH Comedy...

sent this to some of the guys around lunchtime (while i was out in the rain, looking for food) today. A few selected responses...:

from KY:
well done. nice site. ...

from Kelvin K:
Ha ha. Good funny stuff.

Haha. Now the trick is to squeeze the whole joke into one sms. : )

Michelle: (something like:)
You're right! i'm totally soaked.

and lastly (but not 'least-ly') - Patricea...:
U must b too free!

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