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Microsoft Windows: A lower Total Cost of 0wnership

*(Read this first):
Immunity has four major services: ... In each of these, the costs to penetrate (0wn) systems based on Microsoft Windows Technologies was compared to the costs against a modern Linux system. In general there are three aspects to 0wning a system. These three things, Vulnerability Detection, Exploit Development, and Attack Execution, were used by Immunity to determine the costs to 0wn the different operating systems in configurations encountered during Immunity engagements. As Immunity is not in the rootkit writing business, this paper does not cover the costs of maintaining 0wnership over a given OS.

Executive Summary
Based on our analysis, Microsoft Windows has one half the Total Cost of 0wnership (TC0) of modern Fedora Core Linux based technologies.

Now that's putting a new spin on the meaning of the term "Total Cost of 0wnership." ;)

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