here's a good "stand-up" movie to watch...

Jerry Seinfeld is once again a working standup comic. COMEDIAN is the unique and engaging look at what it took for him, and by extension every stand-up, to get there. Neither a concert film, nor a biographical documentary, COMEDIAN closely examines the birth of a comedy act and offers a window into the details of backstage life and the challenges of making people laugh.

UNfortunately, not coming out anytime soon. In fact, coming out.., ooonly in October 2002... And I'll bet that Singaporean stores will not even carry this shit. Which means that i'll just have to "order in" again. Wonderful, fantastic, creative melting-pot-of-an-environment that we've got here, man.

oh - btw - here's a Singaporean perspective on The Matrix. Cool.., huh? I wonder who's Neo. No wonder i feel so repressed here. (those last 2 sentences rhymed btw. Just a little piece of "poetic trivia"...)

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