The civil arrest party (and I mean "party" party!!!) in New Zealand

What a party it was, on Saturday 26 2008, when a party of many turned up to try to arrest "Fugitive Rice" (makes narrow escape in Auckland).

From the front page of Indymedia (Independent Media Center):
United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice made a narrow escape from justice, with the assistance of the New Zealand Police, in Auckland on Saturday 26 July. The police can now consider themselves accessories to war crimes. Rice met with government leaders in Auckland but was chased by 150 protesters spurred on by a bounty of $10,000. They called for her arrest, under the Geneva Convention, for war crimes and for her role in authorising the use of torture.

The independent media report elaborates on the background behind this arrest party:
Auckland University Students Association had to withdraw the bounty it placed on the head of Condoleezza Rice two days earlier, under threat of legal action. However, the students association at Victoria University in Wellington doubled the price, offering $10,000 for a successful citizen's arrest. Although several people turned up to the demo with handcuffs, the chance to nab Rice didn't present itself. ...

Be that money were as effective a call to action in Singapore (! "S$1Million Bounty - Bountiful Reasons to Fret") as it was (is) in New Zealand!!! But I guess only Ministers will respond to the call of money in Singapore nowadays... (to be non-corrupt, that is!!! pls)

The police themselves, were clearly not disinclined towards physical violence (ouch):
Protesters were shoved, punched and thrown to the street and pain compliance holds used on several protesters to get them to move. Several were punched in the face, including veteran activist John Minto who was shoved to the ground by several officers, smashing and breaking the megaphone he was chanting through. Two protesters were arrested and one man was left bleeding from the neck and wrist [emphasis mine].

Pls - non-compliance (to simply move) is no reason for physical abuse??? You spoiled the party, man.

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