this site was made (and conceived, without any sex involved!!!) in 2004 (probably somewhere arounddd, likeee... May 29, 2004????), and has received more pageviews, and more visits than yo mama's website (and here's a fake web counter to prove my point --> ). This site is proudly free of that irritating websurfer's bane that is to be so commonly found in some web circles ('O') called Flash ('cept for the occasional Youtube video ;)), and is quite-possibly-with-no- guarantees-XHMTL-and-CSS-compliant (well if it breaks, it's your fault!!!). Typed out on a text editor, and designed all within a text editor like no freakin' website out there (yeah, I know). Now what else do you need ta know?

All posts and content are copyrighted, and i can choose to sue your motherfucking ass...... By using this website, you agree to sell your soul to me (no laughter, pls).

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